My Approach

I offer my services to Individual Adults, to Couples (any two people in a committed relationship), and to Business Partners.

For Individuals

I work to create a warm and safe environment for clients to explore their challenges and discover their truths.

Together, we work to increase and strengthen self awareness. Self awareness is a powerful tool to explore emotions, thoughts, behaviors. With increased self awareness, clients make more conscious choices about their path in life, self care and their behavior in relationships. Communication becomes much more clear and honest.

In therapy, you will increase your ability to honestly assess yourself and your actions, leading to a clearer discernment of emotions, thoughts and behaviors. The results can be a renewed capacity for better communication, healthier relationships, decisions for your best interest and leading a more genuine and satisfying life.

For Couples

We all want our relationship to be a place of refuge and safety from the world. We want connection, intimacy and emotional engagement.

In EFT (Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy), we call this secure attachment.

Sometimes secure attachment is undermined by a predictable "negative cycle."  A "negative cycle" is a repeating pattern of negative interactions. This can be upsetting, painful and lonely for both partners. The negative cycle can feel like the same old fight, over and over again.

The EFT model helps couples understand and defeat their negative cycle. You and your partner will become aware of your specific negative pattern of interaction. You will come to realize there is no point to continuing your specific pattern. You will learn to hear and understand each other with more empathy. You will talk more authentically to each other and discover what has really been driving your negative cycle. You might be surprised at what you learn about your partner. This "positive cycle" transforms conflict into an opportunity to open up, build trust and really connect at a deeper level. This process helps couples heal and renew their relationship, and come to a more loving and responsive connection.

For Business Partners

Business relationships can be just as intense and important as a marriage. There's money, financial security and prestige on the line. Misunderstandings and emotional issues can be costly and frustrating. The stress of a bad professional relationship can spill over into personal lives.

I can help you have a healthier relationship with your business partners, improve communication and reduce stress.


















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